Tobin, Timothy J.


    Timothy J. Tobin, Ed.D, SPHR is a learning and leadership development professional with over 20 years of professional experience. He has been directly responsible for the development of thousands of leaders from C-Level to first time leaders across multiple industries. Dr. Tobin is currently Vice President, Global Learning and Leadership Development at Marriott International. He is responsible for learning and leadership development strategy, programs, curriculum and activities for their over 250,000 associates. This includes ensuring all programs across continent, brand, and discipline are aligned with Marriott International’s corporate and HR strategy. He has designed and delivered numerous leadership programs for a global audience. While at Marriott, he has earned the 2012 Bersin & Associates award for Leadership Development Strategy Excellence, 2012 Chief Learning Officer award for Innovative Practice, and the 2013 Bersin & Associates award for Enabling High Impact Learning.

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