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Smile If You Dare
Smile If You Dare
Pointy Hats and Politics with the Pet Shop Boys, 1993-1994
A creative analysis of the band's fifth album Very, it examines topics as diverse as technological paradise, sexual paranoia and representations of class in British pop music. As well as a keen critical edge, it is equipped with an undisguised mad love for the source material, a sense of passionate abandon induced by the tragic/ecstatic synth-pop that pours out of the speakers. In an attempt to uncover the heart of this technicolour record, Smile If You Dare rummages frantically through an impossible orange room, an aeroplane, a gaming arcade, an East End council flat and the beaches in California. It is also a partial history of AIDS, the recording industry, homelessness in London and the doomed but rapturous search for the gay utopia.
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Ramzy Alwakeel
Genre Arts, Music & Entertainment
Watkins Publishing
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