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Kill the Elevator Speech
Kill the Elevator Speech
Stop Selling, Start Connecting
Contrary to popular marketing and networking wisdom, regurgitating a memorized ''elevator speech'' all over a poor unsuspecting soul who happens to ask the dreaded ''what do you do?'' question, does not work to establish a true connection with another human being.Kill the Elevator Speech is about why those standard, memorized verbal vomits are so horribly wrong and what to do and say instead that will actually bring people together, help others understand who you are, and create the beginnings of a referral and professional relationship to go beyond the initial handshake and obligatory card swap. The reader will learn how to walk into any room, confidently knowing how to handle, answer and completely address the question ''what do you do?'' with ease and grace, while also making the person they are speaking to feel comfortable and connected.
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Felicia J. Slattery
Genre Business & Economics
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Sound Wisdom
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