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    Atomic Fitness
    Atomic Fitness
    The Alternative to Drugs, Steroids, Wacky Diets and Everything Else That's Failed
    World-famous bodybuilder, Steve Michalik - Mr. America - has put a lifetime of knowledge and skill into this powerful new book, Atomic Fitness. His extensive background of accomplishments and experience have led him to develop the concept for his Atomic Fitness System, which utilizes the basic theories of physics - energy, matter, space, and time - to help people change their physiques in the shortest time possible. This comprehensive guide to the physiological and psychological aspects of training to achieve a more perfect build naturally, without the use of steroids or other drugs, is clearly laid out in steps that take readers down the road of mind over body to overcome barriers that might be keeping them from their mental and physical goals. Part one of this book lays out Mr. America's personally developed theories. His easy-to-understand exercises start with preconditioning routines to provide a foundation of optimum fitness levels for the real work to follow, and they progress from the beginning, intermediate, and advanced, to super-advanced routines. Sections on abdominals, hips, and glutes are included in the exercises intended to create the ultimate physique. The author believes it's not the length of time or the amount of exercise that count, it's the intensity of effort that improves an exercise and makes it successful. More is not better, he says - hard work in brief intensive training sessions is what produces the best possible results from exercise. Part two takes up the body's basic anatomy and explores the role of nutrition in depth. This is followed by selected recipes for maximum benefits to the body, testimonials from people he has helped, a glossary of nutrition terms, several appendices, and a full index. Throughout this information-packed book, the author's positive approach exhorts the reader to think, do, and be the absolute best possible.
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