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    Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow
    Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow
    12 Simple Principles
    ''Most of us think that our lives are just too complex, too difficult, too unique to be bettered by simple changes,'' Karen Casey writes. Not true! Nearly three decades ago Karen Casey wandered into a support group with the intention of figuring out how to change the behavior of someone in her life and heard, for the first time, that the only person she could change was herself. The result? Change so profound that Casey has dedicated much of her life to teaching others about it. Change Your Mind and Your Life Will Follow suggests that we have only two real choices in life. The first is to fall into despair, become numb, and let fear have its way with us. The second is to open our hearts to those around us, to heal ourselves and each other by changing how we respond in every interaction we have. We cannot change a person. We often cannot change a situation. We can change how we react. We can learn to think before we react. We can learn to act out of our own hearts rather than to react in hurt or anger. We can remember that we are not in control. When we stop focusing on problems, solutions tend to appear. Organized around twelve very simple steps, this book gives us the tools we need to find within ourselves the positive, peaceful response to every curve life throws us.
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