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    Fit Kids for Life
    Fit Kids for Life
    A Parent's Guide to Optimal Nutrition & Training for Young Athletes
    Exercise and Nutrition Guidelines for Active Kids When we look back on childhood, we realize that ''exercise'' was a lot like play. We enjoyed running, playing tag, or hitting a baseball just because it felt good. However, it's apparent that staying active, even as kids, has become the exception. The statistics are depressing: up to a third of children in the United States are obese. And overweight kids become overweight adults. Parents play a significant role in keeping their children fit and healthy. Good nutrition and exercise learned as a child can mean a long and active life as an adult. This book can help you foster these healthy habits in your children. Kids can safely use resistance training to get fit for recreational activities and sports. Weight lifting will allow your child to build strength, prevent injury, and improve motor skills. This book includes coaching tips, gender-specific workouts, and training programs. The more kids exercise and participate in sports, the more calories and nutrients they need. Athletics create more nutritional demands on the body, especially when a hectic and unhealthy eating schedule has become a habit. Parents and young athletes need to understand the importance of high-quality nutrition. You'll find general dietary guidelines for healthy eating for active kids, as well as tips on pre- and post-exercise nutrition, staying hydrated while exercising, and healthy snacks. Fit Kids for Life will help you keep young athletes injury free, active, and healthy right into adulthood.
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