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    How to Retire in 12 Months:
    How to Retire in 12 Months:
    Turning Passion into Profit
    Four years ago, Serena Star decided that she was going to stop being a wage slave 'she quit her secure job in IT sales and started on her holy grail to generating a passive income so that she could stop working and just do what she loved. Since then she has started a men's designer t - shirt label, a music festival, a charitable project, a dating service, and a coaching business; she co - wrote internet strategy resources, she presents a radio show, has organised several events and gigs and has helped many people on the path to creating their dream lifestyle. Along her journey she discovered an amazing thing 'that what she really loved was her work! While there isn't necessarily an easy way to create a passive income Serena has now discovered that anyone can create a 'passion income' making money from doing something you love. Serena has redefined the concept of retirement and wants to teach others how to 'retire' now on a low - maintenance passion income just like her. Serena has had many successes and failures, cherishing both on the path to wealth and freedom but she has now answered the question of 'Can I do anything I want to?' with the simple answer 'yes'. This book details the strategies Serena has used along her journey to retirement 'strategies that anyone can implement. This book is for people who are eager to learn, not afraid to try something new and who want to take charge of their destiny and create their dream lifestyle. This book is for you if you: - Feel that your talents are wasted - Would like to work on something that gives you more satisfaction - Would like to choose what your life will look like - Are willing to action and make things happen - Would like to retire in order to do what you love in 12 months! In the same vein as Brett McFall's How to Make Money While You Sleep Serena's 'retirement' strategy is internet focused. Different to Brett's book though is that serena guides readers to discover what it is they love to do and shows them simply and clearly how to profit from their passion.
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