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    Living the Life of Jewish Meditation
    Living the Life of Jewish Meditation
    A Comprehensive Guide to Practice and Experience
    Meditation empowers us to transcend our material mind - set and touch the Infinite and Eternal. ''True meditation transforms the way we see reality.... It touches the place inside us where a spark of the Eternal dwells. Meditation unites us with our true Self.'' - from the Introduction The life of meditation is much more than the act of sitting for half an hour or forty - five minutes and looking inward. It is a whole way of life. Through meditation we learn to live in a heightened awareness and walk at all times in the presence of God. Rabbi Yoel Glick brings wisdom from personal experience and Eastern traditions to illuminate and vitalize familiar Jewish rituals, vocabulary and imagery. He provides specific guidelines and practical techniques grounded in Judaism for each stage of the life of meditation, outlining the inner processes we encounter and the questions we face: How does meditation help us connect with the Collective Jewish Soul? What happens in our mind, body and soul when we meditate? How do we resist the pull of a material mind - set and live in expanded consciousness? What does it feel like to reach union with our spiritual source? • How do we remain aware of God's living presence in our everyday life?
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