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    Marriage on Trial
    Marriage on Trial
    The Case Against Same-Sex Marriage and Parenting
    Surely gays have the same right to marry that heterosexuals do? Isn't banning gays from marriage just like banning interracial marriage? How does someone's gay marriage threaten your family? It doesn't matter for children as long as they have two loving parents; But lots of other cultures have different ways of forming families. Why can't we?..... We all have heard these questions and concerns offered as ''reasons'' for why same-sex marriage should be allowed in our society. Do they point us to the truth, or are there good answers in response? How do we respond? This book shows you that there are very compelling, caring and commonsense ways to answer every argument you might encounter in this debate. It will arm you with cogent and loving answers so that you can be an intelligent and compassionate advocate for marriage. This book is written for people who care about marriage and care about people. It is written in a conversational way to help you easily answer questions about this issue that are swirling all around us in the public debate. It is written in very plain language and is well-documented by the latest research. We will equip you to understand and explain how harmful same-sex marriage and parenting can be to people and our culture, and why natural marriage between one man and one woman is so important to the health of humanity.
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    Glenn T. Stanton and Dr. Bill Maier
    Genre Christian , Family, Health & Fitness , Religion & Beliefs
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    InterVarsity Press
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