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    Mosquito Advertising
    Mosquito Advertising
    The Crunch Campaign
    An exciting middle - reader adventure about a modern neighbourhood gang with all the charm of the Famous Five. Mosquito Advertising is home from New York when the shocking news breaks: the government is banning advertising for fast food, starting with soft drinks. All the work they've done to save Parfizz has been for nothing! Katie is furious. Bans don't work, everyone knows that, and while the other soft drink companies weasel their way around the new rules, Mosquito Advertising plots to rewrite them. Katie reckons the key is to make ads for fruit as cool as ads for fizzy drinks. It's a great idea - all they have to do is convince the Prime Minister. But great ideas aren't always enough, especially when you're also dealing with paying clients, a missing kid, moody friends, shadowy enemies and a family set to triple in size. In this new adventure, Katie and her friends take on the challenge of making fresh fruit as appealing as fast food. It's never been done, but then, there's never been a company like Mosquito Advertising.
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    Book Author
    Kate Hunter
    Genre Children's Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    University Queensland Press
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