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    New Animal
    New Animal
    Profound, profane and darkly hilarious.' - Bri Lee<br/>'Funny, raw, gutsy and stealthily sweet.' - Emily Maguire<br/><br/><i>... most nights I find myself trying to combine with someone else to become this two-headed thing with flailing limbs, chomping teeth, and tangled hair. This new animal. I am medicated by another body. Drunk on warm skin. Dumbly high on the damp friction between them and me.</i><br/><br/>It's not easy getting close to people. Amelia's meeting a lot of men but once she gets the sex she wants from them, that's it for her; she can't connect further. A terrible thing happened to Daniel last year and it's stuck inside Amelia ever since, making her stuck too. <br/><br/>Maybe being a cosmetician at her family's mortuary business isn't the best job for a young woman. It's not helping her social life. She loves her job, but she's not great at much else. Especially emotion.<br/><br/>And then something happens to her mum and suddenly Amelia's got too many feelings and the only thing that makes any sense to her is running away.<br/><br/>It takes the intervention of her two fathers and some hilariously wrong encounters with other broken people in a struggling Tasmanian BDSM club to help her accept the truth she has been hiding from. And in a final, cataclysmic scene, we learn along with Amelia that you need to feel another person's weight before you can feel your own.<br/><br/>Deadpan, wise and heartbreakingly funny, <i>New Animal </i>is a stunning debut.<br/><br/>'<i>New Animal</i> is a wild, moving and original debut - and like the best bits of sex and funerals, it's very, very funny.' - Robert Lukins<br/>'Sex, death, humour, and heart - this novel has it all.' - Laura Elizabeth Woollett<br/>'. . . deeply uncomfortable, laugh-out-loud funny and devastatingly moving . . .' - Erin Hortle
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    Ella Baxter
    Genre Literary , Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Allen & Unwin Book Publishers
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