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    On a wintry morning in 1974, Hank Preston makes a semen delivery to the New York Hospital Fertility Clinic. Running late, he takes the elevator rather than the stairway earmarked for such deliveries. A woman enters, the recipient of his semen, and a relationship develops that threatens to blow their already rocky lives to smithereens.<br/>To add to Hank's problems, his transgendered boss at the Strand Bookstore is in love with him. ''But I'm straight,'' Hank protests. ''And I'm a woman,'' Joey insists.<br/>The odd intermingling of these vibrant characters makes for an unforgettable story. Hank needs to come to terms with what happened to him in Vietnam. Karen, the would - be mother, needs to clarify the difference between fantasy and reality. Joey, the sanest of the three, despite - or maybe because of - her gender mix - up, shares her wisdom and tries, somewhat unsuccessfully, to hold them all on course. Secrets are revealed as a twisting plot erupts in a fiery conclusion.<br/>Offspring is a story of longings, thwarted dreams, and the search for truth - of family, and our fervent need to belong.<br/>
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    US$ 24.99

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    Michael Quadland
    Genre Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Red Hen Press
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