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    Overcoming Your Child's Fears and Worries
    Overcoming Your Child's Fears and Worries
    <B>Around 15 percent of children are thought to suffer from anxiety disorders, the most commonly identified emotional or behavioural problems among children. Based on techniques developed and practised by the authors, this book teaches parents how to use cognitive behavioural techniques with their children and in so doing, become their child's therapist, helping them to overcome any fears, worries and phobias.</B> Addresses specific fears and phobias as well as general anxiety and 'worrying'. Provides step - by - step practical strategies. Includes case studies, worksheets and charts. Based on the authors' experience at their anxiety disorders clinic at the University of Reading and developed from a programme based on working almost exclusively with parents.
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    Cathy Creswell and Lucy Willetts
    Genre Family, Health & Fitness , Psychology , Self Help
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Constable & Robinson
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