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    The Archaeolojesters, Book 3: Trouble at Impact Lake
    The Archaeolojesters, Book 3: Trouble at Impact Lake
    (ages 9 - 12) Cody, Eric, and Rachel - also known as the Archaeolojesters - have returned from their time traveling adventures in Egypt. Now it's back to Manitoba and their boring old routine - or so they think! While getting ready for yet another day of fishing, Cody and Eric run into a pair of divers who say they are on a mission to recover a sunken military plane from the restricted World War II base at Impact Lake. Something about their story seems off, and the kids can't resist investigating. It turns out there is a lot of history - and mystery - surrounding the base, including rumors of valuable meteorites in the area, and the legend of a seven - foot tall ''mad trapper.'' After researching military records online, the kids stake out the area to uncover clues, but can't shake the feeling that somebody else is spying on them. Have these clever sleuths dug up more danger than they can handle? Find out in the exciting third installment in the ''Archaeolojesters'' series.
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    Andreas Oertel
    Genre Children's Fiction
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    Andreas Oertel
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