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    The Dangers of American Christianity
    The Dangers of American Christianity
    THE DANGERS OF AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY The message of the gospel should be the lens through which our world view is formed. The author believes that instead our culture has made us water down the true message to fit contemporary American Culture. The dangers he identifies include : • Getting too mixed up in our culture • Isolating ourselves too much from contemporary culture • Safe and easy believism without proper life changing repentance • Making it all about what God can do for me • Entitlement • The prosperity gospel • Not being busy with the things of God The Church needs to rediscover what made it the powerful force it is supposed to be in a culture that wants to adapt the Church to fit its own values. We cannot water down or dilute the gospel message in any way and remain effective in a world of secular humanistic values. The Church has to get back to biblical values and not compromise with the world's values and culture. Each chapter has questions for reflection ,if you're reading on your own , or discussion in groups.
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