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    The Healthy Skin Diet
    The Healthy Skin Diet
    Your complete guide to beautiful skin in only 8 weeks!
    Winner of the 2008 Australian Food Media Awards for Best Health, Nutrition or Specific Diet book. Ex-model and TV presenter Karen Fischer understands the havoc your day-to-day life and environment can inflict on you skin. The Healthy Skin Diet offers an easy-to-follow, comprehensive program featuring planned daily menus; a three-day detox plan; delicious, simple, healthy recipes; and chapters dedicated to the treatment of specific skin disorders from cellulite to acne. The Healthy Skin Diet is designed to supply your body with the ability to make gorgeous skin working from the inside out! Beautiful skin is not something exclusively reserved for the genetically blessed. You can have great, healthy, clear and blemish-free skin too. Are you concerned about:; acne ; eczema; psoriasis; dandruff; rosacea; cellulite; ageing ; reducing the appearance of wrinkles? Then The Healthy Skin Diet is for you! Youll also find the program works wonders for:; weight loss; sinusitis; asthma; arthritis; allergies; hay fever With its eight basic guidelines, The Healthy Skin Diet will take the guesswork out of creating beautiful skin. You can improve your skin quality and have fantastic looking skin in only eight weeks and The Healthy Skin Diet will show you how. This book is the key not only to beautiful skin but to feeling wonderful too! About the Author: Karen Fischer is an ex-model and TV presenter. She herself once suffered from acne and psoriasis her gorgeous skin today is testament to the effectiveness of her program! She has a Bachelor of Health Science Degree from the University of New England and a three-year Nutrition Diploma from the Nature Care College, and specialises in skin health. As a nutritionist, Karen treats everyone from babies to grandmothers suffering from a diverse range of skin disorders, and in this book she presents effective and results-driven information in a reader-friendly manner.
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