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The Pharaoh's Stone
The Pharaoh's Stone
A young Australian hiding from his past in a London prison ... An Englishman grieving for the brother found hanging under a bridge ... And the Egyptian code that holds the key to the murder ... Peter has an uncanny ability to attract trouble. He's tried hard to become invisible while serving time in a London prison. But on his release Peter becomes entangled in the life of British Museum professor, Edward, whose brother was found hanged under Blackfriar's Bridge. Investigations into the death lead them into the shadowy world of Freemasonry with its passion for collecting ancient Egyptian artefacts. Its significance known only to an elite few. But death stalks their every move as they travel to Paris, New York and the ancient temples of Egypt to try and solve the mystery. In order to survive, Peter must discover qualities about himself he never knew he had ... and work with the authoritarian figures he had once so feared.
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US$ 27.99

Book Author
Nick Hawkes
Genre Action & Adventure , Fiction
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Wombat Books
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