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The Third Stage of Life
The Third Stage of Life
Aging in Contemporary Society
Buddhist philosopher, peace activist and octogenarian Daisaku Ikeda has spent a lifetime studying and teaching about life's universal sufferings of birth, aging, sickness and death. His life exemplifies the health and happiness possible from a compassionate practice of Nichiren Buddhism. In The Third Stage of Life, a dialogue with two Japanese journalists, he shares his insights on how to make one's golden years a ''third youth.''What's the secret to living long? What are the keys to a healthy life? Is aging a period of decline or an opportunity to bring one's life to a satisfying conclusion? What example can we set for in others in our third stage of life?Drawing on the lives of many individuals down through the ages, Mr. Ikeda discusses these and many other questions that affect us as we grow older. From the practical to the spiritual to the personal-as when his wife of sixty years joins the discussion in later chapters-The Third Stage of Life will inspire you to keep challenging and lead a life that shines.
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Daisaku Ikeda
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