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    The Vitamin Cure for Eye Disease
    The Vitamin Cure for Eye Disease
    How to Prevent and Treat Eye Disease Using Nutrition and Vitamin Supplementation
    Most people s diets are woefully inadequate for providing proper nutrition. Even good diets fail to deliver sufficient levels of nutrients.The Vitamin Cure book series highlights the safe and clinically effective use of vitamin supplements for a variety of illnesses. Research continues to prove the immense value of vitamins for maintaining health and fighting disease. The Vitamin Cure books, written by authors who are recognized experts in their field, deliver authoritative, up-to-date, and practical information on taking vitamins for particular health problems. Even though vision is one of our most-valued senses, we often take our eyesight for granted until problems begin to develop. Many serious eye-related illnesses, ranging from glaucoma to retinitis pigmentosa,are degenerative diseases that progress slowly throughout our lifetime and only reveal themselves later in life. These age-related eye diseases and many other eye conditions can be prevented or improved with proper nutrition and vitamin supplementation. Many of us exercise and try to eat well, and we may even take supplements and drugs to avoid illnesses such as heart disease, but are we doing what we can to keep our eyes healthy? Robert Smith has written a comprehensive guidebook for anyone interested in understanding the function of the eye and maintaining or regaining good eye health. <i>The Vitamin Cure for Eye Disease,</i> clearly introduces the complex workings of the eye and the illnesses, whether serious or common, that can occur through oxidative stress and poor nutrition. As an experienced researcher Dr. Smith guides us through the current research, explaining how correct vitamin supplementation and good nutrition can stave off or improve our visual health. This book will be an indispensable tool for people seeking therapeutic, natural help for specific eye diseases as well as those wanting to maintain their healthy eyes later in life.
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    Robert G. Smith and Andrew W. Saul
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