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    The Woman from Saint Germain
    The Woman from Saint Germain
    SUITE FRANCAISE MEETS THE FUGITIVE AS TWO STRANGERS GO ON THE RUN TO OUTWIT THE NAZIS IN 1941<br/><br/>She is a celebrated writer stranded in Paris after her French lover is killed fighting the German invasion. He is an enigmatic foreigner with a dangerous secret, fleeing Nazi-controlled Austria. Only the war could bring them together.<br/><br/>Armed with a precious first edition of Finnegans Wake and an even more precious stash of Chesterfield cigarettes to barter with, Eleanor Gorton Clarke joins the sea of refugees escaping the city for the Spanish frontier. But when a stranger kills two German soldiers to save her life, Eleanor is forced on the run with her mysterious rescuer, pursued by a vengeful detective from the Wehrmacht.<br/><br/>Two strangers from vastly different worlds, the unlikely pair despise each other at first. But as the ruthless hunt for the two fugitives escalates and they are forced to become allies to survive, a powerful attraction erupts between them.<br/><br/>As their relentless German pursuer begins to close the net, a heartbreaking discovery forces the great romantic novelist to experience something she was supposed to know all about - the true nature of love.
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    J.R. Lonie
    Genre Fiction
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Simon & Schuster Australia
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