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    Trouble in Mind
    Trouble in Mind
    Stories from a Neuropsychologist's Casebook
    <p><b>Remarkable human stories of brain injuries and the science behind them</b></p> <p>For many years, neuropsychologist Jenni Ogden worked in some of the world's leading hospitals, assessing and treating those with unusual, and often incredible, brain injuries and disorders. In this intimate memoir, she tells the stories of 15 patients, uncovering what each is able to teach us about the human brain.</p> <p>Jenni's patients include Luke, a gang member who loses his ability to speak but can still sing his favourite blues song; Jason and Howie, 16-year-olds from very different backgrounds who, after suffering sports-related concussions, face similar difficulties; and &amp;#8216;HM', the man with no memory, the most studied case in medical history. Janet's brain ignores the left side of her world, and she sees only half a face when she looks in the mirror; Julian, a victim of a brain tumour, can no longer locate his ears or hands; and Sophie, a mother of three, must face the looming disintegration of her world through Alzheimer's disease. Yet, despite the challenges of coping with a brain disorder, the courage, resilience, and determination shown by these patients is truly extraordinary.</p> <p>With warmth, compassion, and insight, <i>Trouble in Mind</i> tells stories of disordered minds and disobedient bodies, and reveals the close relationship between a caring doctor and her patients.</p>
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    Jenni Ogden
    Genre Biography & Autobiography , Medical
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Scribe Publications
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