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Walking the Path of the Jewish Mystic
Walking the Path of the Jewish Mystic
How to Expand Your Awareness and Transform Your Life
An innovative handbook to the world of the Jewish mystics that opens up a window onto a higher reality. ''When we embark upon the path of the mystic ... this earthly plane is no longer the focus of our lives. Rather, it is the invisible realm of the soul that draws us toward it. We become aware that there are worlds upon worlds beyond the material existence in which we live.... This understanding [illuminates] our ascent into the Timeless Expanses of Infinity.'' - from ''The Divine Structure of Reality'' This unique guide to the world of the Jewish mystics will refashion the way you understand life, God and religion. Renowned teacher and spiritual mentor Rabbi Yoel Glick uses the secret traditions of Judaism and other faiths to show you how to deepen your self - knowledge and live life with greater meaning and awareness. Through the exploration of the body's energy centers (the sefirot and chakras), the many dimensions of the soul, the divine structure of reality and the unfolding relationship between the lower and the higher realms, you will discover how to harness the power of the Infinite inside you and infuse that power into your life and world.
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Rabbi Yoel Glick
Genre Jewish , Religion & Beliefs
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Jewish Lights Publishing
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