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Live longer by Controlling Inflammation
Many men are entering middle age overweight and out of shape, with increasing sugar intolerance (pre-diabetes), hypertension, low energy and drive, and falling libido. Men have a choice to make: continue their current lifestyle with those extra pounds and decreased energy or choose to reinvent themselves - to become a ''Well Man'' full of renewed energy and passion, with a greater sense of wellbeing. The key to successful aging is the control of hidden or ''silent'' inflammation. Some inflammation is beneficial, serving to immobilize an area of injury as the immune system responds. But silent inflammation has a more insidious nature - it's a chronic, systemic inflammation that goes on inside the body year after year. Researchers now recognize that silent inflammation is responsible for most chronic diseases, including heart disease, Alzheimer's disease, and cancer. In fact, it is now understood as the primary cause of aging itself. The powerful integral health program outlined in Well Man provides a comprehensive way of controlling silent inflammation so that each man can optimize his health. This book includes: Diet and nutritional advice for reducing inflammation Advice on detoxifying the body Natural hormone replacement for renewed vigor Mind-body therapies for reducing stress Exercise tips to feel younger. The program in Well Man puts men back on top of their game, allowing them to enjoy a longer life with greater vitality, passion, and meaning.
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Graham Simpson and John Anderson
Genre Family, Health & Fitness
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Basic Health Publications, Inc.
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