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The Wit and Wisdom of Bob Katter
What's going on under that hat? In these pages we life the brim and uncover the words of a true - blue Aussie who shoots from the hip. Bob Katter doesn't hold back when it comes to himself: 'There is a rage in my soul, a hatred in my soul.' Far - north Queensland: 'It is a magic land and we could support a population of 80 million people in the Gulf Country alone.' Women: 'He said that I considered women second - class citizens. If they were staying at home and not working then I would not consider them second - class; I would consider them first - class citizens.' Environmental activists: 'not a race of people that I like in any way, shape or form.' The information age: 'I have long since given up reading journals and newspapers and watching the television, because the flow of information is so erroneous and misleading.' Gay rights: 'If homosexuality is a fashion statement, it is a very dangerous fashion statement.' The live cattle trade industry: 'They're people that love their animals, sort of.' And that's just a taste of Kattertonia . . .
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