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Your Natural State of Being
Your Natural State of Being
A Pilgrim's Guide
You already have what you're looking for! Ever sat down and asked yourself, ''What am I doing with my life?'' ''Why aren't I happier?'' ''Why am I here?'' <i>Your Natural State of Being</i> is the book that leads us to the answers of our deepest questions and helps reveal the motivating forces and innermost needs of our lives. But unlike 'quick fix' and 'step - by - step' guides, it gets to the heart of your problems and offers Real Solutions to solving them. Knowing who you really are will: Directly enhance your feelings of joy, security, acceptance, peace and freedom. Markedly reduce your daily stress and suffering. Deliver fullness and meaning to your life. Reveal the goodness, truth and beauty of every moment. <i>Your Natural State of Being</i> is the first in a trilogy of books that come from a greater body of work that has taken over a decade to compile. In the tradition of M. Scott Peck and C.S. Lewis, Dr. Scott Zarcinas does more than offer a rewording of what has gone before. He gives the voice of experience.''
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Scott Zarcinas
Genre Religion & Beliefs , Self Help
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
DoctorZed Publishing
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