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The Sky Devil
The Sky Devil
Vic Kennedy is quick - witted and sharp - tongued with Nicholas Cage's maverick sense of adventure, Vic's flown out of trouble by the skin of his teeth ... and straight into the jaws of disaster. Racing away from a date with an executioner, he lands in a Saharan oasis, where things are looking up. A gorgeous princess mistakes Vic for a genie, and if he gets his wish, the Sky Devil will have his day. <B>In 1933, when L. Ron Hubbard began his professional writing career, he entered a crowded and competitive field. But he very quickly separated from the pack, making a name for himself as a writer who was both good and fast. So good and fast, in fact, that in 1935 the three stories included in this volume were all published in the same issue of an all - fiction magazine. Fully a quarter of the issue had been written by Hubbard - though readers didn't know it, two of the stories appearing under two different pseudonyms.</B> Also includes the adventures Buckley Plays a Hunch, in which an adventurer seeks to solve the mystery of three castaways who refuse to be rescued, and Medals for Mahoney, the story of man who journeys into the heart of darkness to thwart a murderous conspiracy.
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Book Author
L. Ron Hubbard
Genre Crime & Thrillers , Historical , Fiction
Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
Galaxy Press
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