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Flam Grub
Flam Grub
What's in a name? Personal misfortune, or so it would appear if your name happens to be ''''Flam Grub.'''' This touching contemporary novel shows how our lives are entwined with our names and how our destinies are never certain. Full of humour and sadness, quirky wit, and quiet moments of beauty, Flam Grub tells the tale of a young man's misadventures and his retreat to the security of reading books, work in a bookstore, and a career as an undertaker until fame unexpectedly comes his way. Both an endearing tale and a shrewd send-up of contemporary life, Flam Grub is the second book from the rich imagination and skillful pen of new Canadian author Dan Dowhal.
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Book Author
Dan Dowhal
Genre Sci Fi & Fantasy , Fiction
Dundurn Press
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