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The 77 Deadly Sins of Project Management
The 77 Deadly Sins of Project Management
Combat the Deadly Sins of Project Management! Project management is a tough business. Not only must project managers contend with schedules, budgets, and a host of stakeholder demands, but they must also deal with sometimes vexing human behaviors, such as whining, indecision, opposition, inflexibility, complacency, and tunnel vision, to name a few. Projects can be negatively impacted by common 'sins' that hinder, stall, or throw the project off track. In The 77 Deadly Sins of Project Management , the contributors focus on each 'deadly sin' and probe its manifestations and consequences for projects. By sharing their personal experiences, as well as some historical events, the contributors spotlight the effects and costs - both financial and human - of failing to get a handle on these sins and reign them in. Through anecdotes and case studies, The 77 Deadly Sins of Project Management will help you better understand how to execute the myriad aspects of today's projects. - Identify danger signs and solutions for each 'sin' - Learn proven methods for tackling project mishaps - Gain practical and hands-on information from seasoned professionals - Keep a variety of 'sins' from derailing your project BONUS! Each book comes with a '77 Deadly Sins of Project Management' poster!
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