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    A Course in Mastering Alchemy
    A Course in Mastering Alchemy
    Tools to Shift, Transform and Ascend
    Positioning statement: Offers unparalleled access to the incredible consciousness-altering tools and lessons of the hugely popular online Mastering Alchemy programme, allowing readers to recreate their life in this dimension and ultimately evolve to a higher level of being.<br/><br/>Sales points:<br/><br/>A complete set of personal energy tools to help you change your attitude to your life and so transform it - never before revealed in book form. The book contains - and gives readers direct access to - the energy of the Teachers of Light.<br/>11,500 students have already graduated through one or more of the Mastering Alchemy programmes. Revenue generated from Mastering Alchemy programmes, conferences and book sales has exceeded $8 million.<br/>In addition to paid-for content, Jim Self reaches out through a wide audience through free YouTube videos (225 videos posted with combined viewings of 1 million) and free webinars, lectures and articles on the Mastering Alchemy website.<br/>Book readers will gain unprecedented free access to paid-for online Mastering Alchemy content worth nearly $100.<br/>Backed by a marketing campaign highlighting the instant power of the course.<br/>Synopsis: What is alchemy? Alchemy means altering the frequencies of thought to allow us to change ourselves, change how we perceive and interact with the world and begin to experience a new sort of consciousness. Unlike any other programme, Mastering Alchemy doesn't seek to change readers' perceptions merely by speaking to their minds but instead offers a series of deeply felt experiences, each one building on the preceding one to transform a participant from the inside out, giving them a new, happy and optimistic platform for experiencing the world. This book is so much more than words on the page: energetics are embedded into each lesson and readers will be able to feel the Teachers' presence and wisdom as they read the text. This is a Course in Miracles for the 21st century, reaching far beyond that earlier programme by incorporating the significant leap in human consciousness that has been occurring since the 1980s, and also the active participation of the Teachers of Light. This unique book offers readers a set of energy tools of unparalleled power and a new way of life as revealed by the Teachers of Light, whose guidance has been channelled by Jim Self and Roxane Burnet of the hugely popular online Mastering Alchemy course. While giving free access to a wealth of normally paid-for content (including videos on the meditations and exercises and even recordings of the Teachers of Light themselves), this book stands alone as a self-contained programme offering step-by-step techniques for changing our way of being and opening up our higher consciousness.
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    Jim Self and Roxane Burnett
    Genre Mind Body Spirit
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Watkins Publishing
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