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    Benjamin Dove
    Benjamin Dove
    As an adult, Benjamin Dove looks back upon a summer of his childhood that was to change his life forever. A summer when his new friend Roland, seemingly descended from the knights of the past, encourages him to stand up for himself and for those he loves. That was a summer when he and his friends formed the Order of the Red Dragon, giving them a sense of identity and purpose in their turbulent world, for justice against injustice; and a summer when such innocent childhood games were to be torn apart by an almost inevitable tragedy. ''''Benjamin Dove'''' is a brilliantly conceived work of fiction, tinged with both light and dark humour. Disturbing themes are explored, from bullying to child abuse to gang rivalry, yet there is always a sense of the child's unbreakable spirit. It was published to acclaim in 1992 and has won several books awards, including the International Board on Books for Young People Award, The Icelandic Children's Book Award, and the Reykjavik City Children's Book Award. It was also made into a feature length film of the same name, going on to win awards at eight international film festivals. ''''Benjamin Dove'''' is a timeless prose that explores such perennial and poignant themes that it leaves one feeling like they have just read a book destined to be a modern - day classic.
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    Fridrik Erlings
    Genre Young Adult Fiction
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    Albury Books
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