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    Blurred Boundries
    Blurred Boundries
    Why Would a Probation and Parole Officer Fall in Love With an Inmate
    Blurred Boundaries is a moving and harrowing account of the life and experiences of Lee Smith, a former probation and parole officer who falls in love with a high profile prisoner, a member of the Banditos Outlaw Motor Cycle Club. Blurred Boundaries is the story of triumph over adversity as Lee Smith struggles with the tragedies that life throws her and her partner as they struggle to choose a way of life. They lose that struggle when Russell commits suicide on Balmoral Beach. Abandoned in Hong Kong as a new born, Lee was adopted into a strict family in New Zealand. Lee s experiences growing up were marred by discrimination, racism and a lack of paternal love. Tired of a fruitless search for acceptance from her parents and siblings, Lee s rebellion forces her to leave school, find a job and leave the protection of the family home.
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    Lee Smith
    Genre Biography & Autobiography , Social Science
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    New Holland Publishers (Australia)
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