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    It's Just a Game
    It's Just a Game
    A Scrumful of Rugby Stories
    Rugby is the heart and soul of New Zealand, filling the lives of most boys - and some girls - from the first time they see an oval ball. It's Just a Game is a celebration of rugby as it is played by kids, students, club members and professionals. The 50 or so stories in this book, ending with a dramatic account of the All Blacks' nail - biting 8 - 7 winning of the World Cup in 2011, include short anecdotes, tall tales and long dramas. Most are stories from heartland New Zealand, some describing comparatively recent incidents and others older events from earlier generations. All are told with Graham Hutchins' characteristic humour, whether gently exposing the underhand antics of a biased referee or championing the bulldog qualities of the oldest member of a club team. There may be some small exaggeration along the way, but that only adds to the fun. Anyone who loves rugby will enjoy dipping into this delightful book.
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    Graham Hutchins
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