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    Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder
    Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder
    Understanding & Helping Your Partner
    Many of the techniques in this book take some time to get started. The beauty of adding laughter and joy to your relationship is that you can start immediately. You can get started today. In fact, you can get started right now and then help your partner do the same. Close this book and find something to make yourself laugh. Woo hoo! Remember something funny. Remember something wonderful about your partner. Think of all of the joy you have experienced in life and remind yourself that it can happen again. You now have the tools to make it happen. You have a new treatment plan that can work to help you recognize, modify, and hopefully prevent your partner's major bipolar disorder symptoms. Your relationship has the opportunity to be happy, healthy, stable, and filled with joy. This book can help you through the many ups and downs you and your partner will experience as you create a more stable relationship. Read it often to find what you need at certain moments. Remember to always treat bipolar disorder first. And, most importantly, remember that laughter and joy are your first option when things get really tough. They will give you the peace of mind you need to move on and face your problems with strength. You can both do it.----Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder
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