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    Making Room for Leadership
    Making Room for Leadership
    Power, Space and Influence
    You don't just lead with your voice and your decisions. YOU LEAD WITH YOUR BODY. The way you take up space in a room, the way you use or don't use your body in group settings, influences others. Yet, pastor and spiritual director MaryKate Morse contends, most of us are unaware of the ways we do or can use our bodies to influence others. Some of us try to speak but are never heard, while others are the focal point as soon as they walk in a room. What makes the difference? And how can we learn to lead in our own way with confidence? Morse explores these questions and more, looking to Christ's use of power as our guide for how to lead in ways that are empowering to others. We all can lead. We all have some kind of power in us. Once we become aware of our influence, we can direct it toward good, toward building others up. Doing just that in these pages, Morse helps you learn to do the same in the places you live, move and have your being.
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    MaryKate Morse
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