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    Recalled to Health
    Recalled to Health
    Dr. Tim Hennessy has skillfully drawn on his life experiences to put together Recalled to Health, which is both a memoir of his path to becoming a doctor and a useful medical guide to achieving and keeping good health. Dr. Hennessy wrote the book over a five-year period in between his work as a doctor and his other professional and personal pursuits; he says the initial impetus for it came from his bimonthly health newsletter, H-mail: Medical Education Made Easy. Dr. Hennessy describes the focus of his book as conservative medicine: he aims to promote freedom by inspiring one and all to live healthier lives, in the process becoming less dependent on medications, and the flawed healthcare system, and more emboldened to live life to its fullest, unimpeded by the physical constraints of poor health. By providing a medical foundation that will lead to a better understanding of medical topics, Recalled to Health can empower its readers to take charge of their own health. Cholesterol, blood pressure, diet and weight management, exercise, sleeping habits, and the role of nature in health are some of the topics discussed in full here, along with suggestions for optimum actions, behaviors, or treatments. Each of the chapters ends with a helpful summary of tips, and the back of the book contains numerous, fully cited references listed by chapters as well as an index. This first-rate new book can be used to help maintain present good health, or it can be used to help reclaim former good health. Either way, it will enable readers to strengthen the mind so they can strengthen the body.
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