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    Release Your Unstoppable Power
    Release Your Unstoppable Power
    The Journey Continues...
    Release Your Unstoppable Power fulfills and exceeds readers' expectations. If his first book, The Unstoppable Power Within, is a blueprint for successful living, this one is the step-by-step manual. Kieran writes, ''Once you make up your mind to succeed, failure is never an option.'' This brand of persistent optimism characterizes Revell's writing and is complimented in this work with clearly defined ways in which the reader can learn to live in a positive mindset. It begins with releasing negativity and driving forward with enthusiasm and determination.Release Your Unstoppable Power offers valuable insight regarding: · The importance of goal-setting· New Year's resolutions (and how to take them seriously)· Creative visualization· The importance of journaling· Building and maintaining self-esteem· Embracing success· Positive change· Changing habits to change lifeRevell notes, ''Your future will unfold whether you do anything or not.'' This book offers the tools to embrace success in your life RIGHT NOW. Choose success.
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    Kieran Revell
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