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    Restoring Life's Missing Pieces
    Restoring Life's Missing Pieces
    The Spiritual Power of Remembering & Reuniting with People, Places, Things & Self
    A powerful and thought - provoking look at ''reunions'' of all kinds<br/>as roads to remembering and re - membering ourselves.<br/>''Reunions with people, places, things, and ourselves happen every day around us and within us. Whether to participate or not will always be your choice.''<br/> - from the Introduction<br/>Explore humankind's timeless, universal and deeply spiritual desire to reunite for the sake of healing and wholeness. Whether we wander far from home or reminisce from our favorite armchair, people of all faiths or none whatsoever undertake journeys to remember, restore and re - member the missing pieces of our stories, psyches and souls:<br/> Do you occasionally Google a person from your past in hopes of ''catching up''?<br/> Do you leaf through old address books to try to call someone for the first time in decades?<br/> When you visit gravesites or memorials, can you pinpoint what drew you there?<br/> Have you felt an urge to revisit your birthplace or travel to your ancestors' homelands?<br/> Do you feel compelled to attend an upcoming high school, family or other reunion? If not, why not? <br/>Delve deeply into ways that your body, mind and spirit answer the Spirit of Re - union's calls to reconnect with people, places, things and self.<br/>
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    Caren Goldman and Dr. Nancy Copeland-Payton
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    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    SkyLight Paths Publishing
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