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    Seafood Sense
    Seafood Sense
    Americans are facing an eating conundrum. As each new fad diet comes along to poke holes in longtime edicts of nutrition and further restrict the ''good'' foods we are allowed to consume, we are left to wonder, what exactly is healthy at this point? The one food that has seemed to avoid the ire of new diets is the ''old faithful'' of nutrition - fish. Recently, however, studies have indicated that the high levels of mercury often found in fish and other seafood can be extremely harmful to one's health. But are these studies really accurate In Seafood Sense, Ken Babal sorts through fact and fiction to reveal the truth about the dangers and benefits of fish and other seafood. He explores in detail the reasons why the levels of mercury and other environmental toxins have risen in fish in recent times, and exactly how these high levels can affect one's health. He also delves deeply into the widespread benefits of seafood, in particular as a vital source of essential nutrients such as protein, vitamins, and, most notably, omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to protect against a variety of health conditions. After presenting readers with the ''good'' and the ''bad,'' he guides them through the process of selecting the right kinds of fish and other seafood to avoid toxicity and gainoptimal health benefits.
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