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    Soul Story
    Soul Story
    Evolution and The Purpose of Life
    Brings together insights from science and spirituality to present a bold response to the 'soul crisis' in contemporary culture, which has been created by the modern assumption that life has no purpose and death is final. Makes sense of the ambiguous, bittersweet nature of existence to show the profound significance and inspiring purpose underlying our everyday lives. Elucidates a revolutionary understanding of the evolution of life, not as accidental and aimless, but as the momentous story of the self-realising universe, which has led to the emergence of soul, meaning and immortality. A belief in life after death is often dismissed as wishful thinking, but this book offers a new model of identity that makes the idea of the immortal soul intellectually credible. A book for those who long for an intelligent 'spiritual' perspective on life and death. Author events, online advertising and national press coverage support the launch of this new book. Synopsis: The grand religious stories that gave meaning to life and death in the past have crumbled under sceptical scrutiny. The dominant mainstream philosophy is now scientific objectivism, which describes a universe that exists for no reason and a life that ends in oblivion. In this book pioneering philosopher Tim Freke addresses the 'soul crisis' in modern culture that has arisen from lack of meaning. He offers an intelligent 'spiritual' perspective on life and death to help us make sense of a paradoxical world, which is sometimes bleak and banal, but also can be magical and full of significance. He presents a revolutionary paradigm shift in our understanding of reality that integrates the deepest insights of science and spirituality to create a new model of human identity, which makes the idea of the immortal soul intellectually credible. He explores the process of evolution, not as blind chance, but as the momentous story of the self-realising universe. The development of the material world has led to the emergence of 'psyche' or 'soul', which you are experiencing right now as a stream of thoughts and images that don?t exist in space and aren't made of matter. We are not insignificant specks in a vast purposeless cosmos. We are significant participants in the magnificent and meaningful story of soul. The universe is coming to know itself through each one of us and this process doesn't end at death, because the evolution of soul has also been the evolution of immorality.
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    Tim Freke
    Genre Mind Body Spirit
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    Watkins Publishing
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