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    Empower Your Life with the Gift of Coincidence
    Synchronicity is the uncanny and fortuitous timing of events which seem to go beyond pure chance. This book explores the phenomenon of synchronicity and reveals how it can be used to guide us on our optimal life path. Successful psychologist Chris Mackey began his career as a rationalist with little time for non - scientific approaches. Gradually his own experiences and those of his patients caused him to change his views and he became increasingly convinced of the importance and power of synchronicity in our lives. The book explores what synchronicity is, how it manifests itself and how we can learn to tap into its power. Chris Mackey explains that when we tap into our intuitive and spiritual selves we can allow synchronicity to flow unimpeded through our experience to help clarify purpose, meaning and direction in life.You will discover: • How Carl Jung's description of synchronicity and its power is now supported by psychological research • The intersection between positive psychology and synchronicity • Real - life stories of synchronicity from the psychologists's couch, in the style of Oliver Sacks and Stephen Grosz • Practical ways to work with synchronicity, including journalling, understanding symbols and working with dreams • Includes the latest psychological research that provides evidence for synchronicity and explains how it may occur • Features practical ways of harnessing the power of synchronicity including journalling and dreamwork • Features compelling real - life case studies in the tradition of Oliver Sachs and Stephen Grosz's The Examined Life.
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