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    The Application of Pressure
    The Application of Pressure
    Tash and Joel are career paramedics, coming to the rescue of Adelaide residents of every class, culture and age. In a job where<br/>every day can bring death and violence, they maintain their sanity through a friendship built on black humour. But as the daily<br/>exposure to trauma begins to take its toll, both, in different ways, must fight to preserve their mental health and relationships -<br/>even with one another. How much pressure can Tash and Joel handle, and what happens when they finally crack?<br/>With each chapter revolving around an emergency - some frightening, some moving, some simply funny - The Application<br/>of Pressure is as tense as it is engaging. Digging beneath the shocking surface of gore and grit, Rachael Mead lays bare the<br/>humanity of emergency services personnel and their patients.<br/>Masterfully written, The Application of Pressure is a breathtaking and deeply human debut novel that reveals not only the<br/>trauma of a life lived on the frontline of medicine, but also the essential, binding friendships that make such a life possible.
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    Rachael Mead
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