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    The Certainty Myth
    The Certainty Myth
    How to be resilient when the world keeps changing
    The Certainty Myth is a self-help manual for people who are struggling with the uncertainty that arrives in their life.<br/><br/>When things are uncertain, it's easy to feel anxious, stressed, overwhelmed or angry. And today, it often feels like things are more uncertain than ever before. In fact, chaos and uncertainty seem to surround us. But we don't have to be the victims of our circumstances.<br/><br/>For anyone who is struggling with making sense of a world that keeps changing around them, The Certainty Myth will help you rise above the chaos and find emotional stability and happiness. With tools such as ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and real-world examples, you'll learn how letting go of certainty can be the key to happiness in today's world.<br/><br/>Drawing from the author's experience as a Clinical and Health Psychologist helping people cope with the psychological impact of severe illness, you'll discover proven and simple strategies that are designed to be useful even when your anxiety rises and the simplest tasks can seem complex and overwhelming.<br/><br/>You'll learn how to avoid burnout, how an awareness of mortality can help you put things in perspective, how to defuse the emotional power that external circumstances hold over your life, and so much more. Free from jargon yet thoroughly researched and back by science and experience, discover the keys to rising above certainty in your life. Uncertainty may be inevitable, but suffering from it does not have to be.
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