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    The Coffin Lane Murders
    The Coffin Lane Murders
    An Inspector Faro Mystery
    Another Case for Inspector Jeremy Faro, Edinburgh's Victorian Detective The frantic arrival of PC Dean at Inspector Faro's door one winter morning brings news of the first killing in Coffin Lane. Accompanied by his step - son Vince and Vince's partner at the surgery, Dr Conan Pursley, Faro rushes to a horrific scene. For a trail of blood through the snow leads to the body of a young woman, a knife wound in her chest. Molly Blaith had been on her way to post a letter for her employer Miss Errington. Or had she? For such a journey should not have taken her down Coffin Lane. Did she have an assignation? Was she the victim of a crime of passion? Or was her death just the beginning of a reign of terror that will hold Edinburgh in its grip? For only two days later Faro is woken by another hammering at his door. PC Dean has come to report the second murder in Coffin Lane. Alanna Knight is a novelist, playwright and biographer whose writings were; first published in 1969. She is the author of more than 30 novels, as well as non - fiction works on Robert Louis Stevenson. Alanna Knight is a member of the Crime Writer's Association and of the Society of Authors in Scotland.
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