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    The Gift of Alzheimer's
    The Gift of Alzheimer's
    New Insights into the Potential of Alzheimer's and its Care
    Alzheimer's effects more than 5 million people worldwide, causing pain not only to its sufferers, but to their loved ones as well. But what if this disease could be a gateway to a higher plane and a different world? What if those with Alzheimer's know something we don't? In her groundbreaking book, The Gift of Alzheimer's, Maggie chronicles her beautiful journey with her late mother who suffered from Alzheimer's. Miraculously, instead of destroying the lives of her family, the disease strengthened their bonds and revealed something incredible - the ability of Alzheimer's to connect those it touches with another world. Including the latest research into neuroscience and altered states of consciousness, the book offers hope and a way forward for those affected by this devastating disease. What follows is the extraordinary story of healing, love, and soul - searching undertaken by Maggie and Pat that will make you rethink everything you believe about Alzheimer's. In a disease that so many find distressing, the La Tourelle family found peace, renewal, and spiritual growth. This revolutionary book not only changes how we perceive Alzheimer's, but is also a window into the amazing powers of the human psyche and soul. With The Gift of Alzheimer's, La Tourelle explores the potential for Alzheimer's patients and their families to find wisdom and meaning in the midst of tragedy and demonstrates how love, above all else, can heal.
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    Maggie La Tourelle
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    Watkins Publishing
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