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    The Healing Gift
    The Healing Gift
    Exploring the Remarkable World of a Medical Intuitive
    A few very special people qualify as medical intuitives, and Linda Freud is one of them. When Linda's husband, David, bought her a silver pendulum on a chain, she made an amazing discovery-she could find answers to problems depending on the direction the pendulum moved but she wasn't the one moving it! The couple learned that the pendulum was being guided by angels, giving Linda the power to diagnose and cure body/mind/spirit problems. To harness this power, David set up a massive database organized by physical, emotional, and spiritual conditions and their cures. With Linda's gift of angelic information, she is able to identify complex causes of acute and chronic illnesses to channel powerful remedies. After introductory chapters on the discovery of Linda's gift, healing philosophy, The Healing Gift is organized into four parts. The first part describes common physical problems, including genetically inherited disorders, heavy metal toxicity from dental amalgams, illnesses caused by environmental toxins, and metabolic and dietary issues that cause disease. The second part describes emotional healing, including treating depression naturally and the effects of stress. The third part delves into metaphysics and reincarnation, and the fourth part describes the angelic network that Linda channels. Testimonials of complex cases that Linda diagnosed and cured provide examples in several chapters of how she works.
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