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    The Old Man Living in My Head
    The Old Man Living in My Head
    One Guys Musings About The Bible
    In this visit to Don's head, you'll meet The Old Man. This short, wrinkled fellow has been living here for a long time, and he has a story to tell about the big, black Bible clutched in his skinny arms. But some other ideas, like Youthful Cynicism, Source Criticism and Power Always Corrupts have some serious questions about whether The Old Man should stay or go. Why should anyone bother with The Old Man's story in these enlightened times? Can anyone really believe that he or anybody else has an actual Sentence from God? If you've been visited by The Church Is Bankrupt (And Has Hurt Me) or Perspective Is Everything, you might not be so sure about The Old Man's story. Then again, he's been around for a while. Go ahead, listen in on the conversation and pepper him with questions. He doesn't mind getting grilled.
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    Book Author
    Don Everts
    Genre Christian , Religion & Beliefs
    Dyslexic Edition
    InterVarsity Press
    Age Range
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