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    The Torah Revolution
    The Torah Revolution
    Fourteen Truths that Changed the World
    Unlock the powerful truths that shattered ancient beliefs and paved the way for the new and revolutionary religion that became Judaism.This is a unique look at the Torah - the foundation of Jewish existence - and the revolutionary teachings of Moses embedded within it that gave birth to Judaism and influenced the world.Dr. Reuven Hammer presents fourteen radical ideas found in Torah, explains their original intentions, and shows how understanding these ''''truths'''' can help you better understand the narrative and laws of Judaism. He shows how when taken together, these value concepts present a picture of human life that is surprisingly modern and relevant to our goals for repairing the world today:• Humanity is one as God is one• Human beings are responsible for their actions and have the choice to do good or evil• Poverty, deprivation, slavery and hatred are evils that must be eradicated• The earth is not ours to destroy• The love of others is a divine command• And much more ...
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    Rabbi Reuven Hammer
    Genre Jewish , Religion & Beliefs
    Large Print 16 Pt Edition (Standard Large Print)
    Jewish Lights Publishing
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