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    The Year Mom Got Religion
    The Year Mom Got Religion
    One Woman's Midlife Journey into Judaism
    An inspiring, frank, and engaging'spiritual autobiography' that will touch anyone seeking deeper meaning in their religious life. As we come to recognize the need to nurture our spiritual lives as adults, The Year Mom Got Religion offers sensitive and intelligent wisdom from a woman who learned how awakening to religion can transform — and disrupt — a life. Lee Meyerhoff Hendler relates her awakening to Judaism. She also shares the hard lessons and realizations she confronted during the process. Her journey of the spirit is a powerful reminder that anyone, at any moment, can fully embrace faith — and meet every one of the challenges that occur along the way. A poignant personal testimony of the discoveries, achievements, and disappointments of a woman's renewed commitment to her faith—and how her personal transformation deeply affected her lifestyle and relationships. Born into a wealthy and prestigious family, Lee Meyerhoff Hendler was surrounded by privilege and was a rising leader in the Jewish community. Despite her prominence, she realized that something was lacking — and that Judaism needed to be more about spiritual fulfillment and relating to God than about simply writing checks to important causes or sitting on the boards of distinguished organizations. Hendler discovered a void in her life that only Judaism could fill. She embarked upon a journey that took her through intensive study, regular synagogue attendance, renewed dedication to Jewish communal service, squabbles with her children about attending religious school, and quarrels with her husband about religion's sudden role in their daily lives. If you are seeking deeper spiritual meaning in your life, or are close to someone who has embarked upon a similar journey, The Year Mom Got Religion offers candid and intelligent words of encouragement for the soul.
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    Lee Meyerhoff Hendler
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