Cruickshank, Kelvin


    Born and raised in the Waikato, Kelvin Cruickshank exhibited medium psychic abilities from an early age. He could hear and feel spirits around him, but had no idea what it all meant; he mostly chose to ignore the extra company. He knew he was somehow different from other children because he saw people that the other kids couldn't see. Although he didn't understand who these people were, he did know that he was never alone. Nine years ago, after a complete breakdown, Kelvin took time out from his busy career as a chef and stopped to listen to what he was hearing. It was then that he realised the messages he was receiving were not intended for him but for others. This final acknowledgement of who he is and acceptance of his gift has changed his life completely. From that moment, Kelvin has dedicated his life to working fulltime as a medium passing on messages from those who have passed over. In his spare time Kelvin loves fishing, diving and listening to Pink Floyd. He currently lives in Auckland.;

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