Wood, Wendy Ann


    Wendy Ann Wood, M.A. is the founder and executive director of Echoes Network Counseling Center, Inc. in Portland, Oregon. During her ten year career as a therapist, Ms. Wood has conducted workshops, training sessions and seminars across the country. She also leads experiential workshops that incorporate art, music, movement, and play therapy. Her work has been nationally recognized and she is the recipient of the ''Volunteer Spirit of America Award'' presented by McDonalds and KPTV, the ''Real Hero Award'' presented by Maxwell House and a letter of commendation from the President of the United States and the Thousand Points of Light Foundation. ''Some of the most important values on which our nation was founded are duty, commitment, acceptance of personal responsibility, and respect for every Individual.... Efforts such as yours show that these values are still embedded in the American character.'' Presidential letter of commendation, Thousand Points of Light Foundation;

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